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* เลือกรุ่นฟิล์ม

Here comes the latest high-quality film with ‘5 Stars Performance’ standard. More advance than any other film as it is crafted using an ‘Advance Nano Million Ceramic’ technology, which strongly and firmly binds together millions of ceramic molecules until the film texture gains such excellent properties of high durability, heat rejection and UVA/UVB protection.

Moreover, the secret that makes the film more special lies in the new synthesis process of the film texture, which is called  Extra-Process.
This process contributes to the film’s advanced properties and compatibilities with digital, 5G and Wi-Fi signal transponder usually installed in modern smart car. Thus, the car users can seamlessly enjoy the world of ‘Digital Infotainment’ and able to confidently use the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the car to its fullest potential. Externally, the film looks perfectly beautiful, dark and sleek. Internally, the film provides clear vision both at noon and night. Truly a cool cutting-edge film for car user living in metaverse.

Xtracole Meta Ceramic 35 / 20 / 05
Size Side and Rear
Front Windshield Complete Kit
(including front windshield,
side and rear window)
 Size S 11,000 5,000 16,000
Size M 12,000 5,500 17,500
Size L 12,500 6,500 19,000
Size XL 13,500 7,500 21,000
  1. The price listed above is exclusive of VATs
  2. Deal starting from 16 March 2022
    Size S : Yaris / Mazda 2/ Vios / City / Brio / March
    Size M : Haval Jolion/ Ora Good Cat/ MG EP/ MG ZS / MG3/ Nissan Leaf / Civic / Mazda 3/ Altis /Almera/ New HRV / CHR 
    Size L : Haval6/ BMW / Volvo / Lexus / Tesla / MG HS / MG6 / Audi /Accord / Camry / CRV / Fortuner / Pajero / Everest / Mu-X / Freed / Teana / Mercedes Benz / Porsche / Ferrari / Lamborghini 
    Size XL : Stepwagon / H1 / MB100 / Alphard
Model Visible Light Transmission VLT Visible Light Reflection VLR Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) UV Rejected
Meta Ceramic 35 44 6 58 99
Meta Ceramic 20 17 5 67 99
Meta Ceramic 05 12 5 69 99
Meta Ceramic 35
Visible Light Transmission VLT 44
Visible Light Reflection VLR 6
Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) 58
UV Rejected 99
Meta Ceramic 20
Visible Light Transmission VLT 17
Visible Light Reflection VLR 5
Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) 67
UV Rejected 99
Meta Ceramic 05
Visible Light Transmission VLT 12
Visible Light Reflection VLR 5
Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) 69
UV Rejected 99